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You too wish you had......

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my new form of transportation to get me to-and-from my place of work

used to have a firms van but new tax laws mean i can no longer bring the van home

its approx a 5mile round trip from my house to the 'yard' which i used to pedal (on my road bike) but now the dark nights /bad weather is creeping up i felt its time to get there -and-back a little quicker and with less effort!!

its a Speedfight 2 100cc - ive had 60mph out of her (on a flat road)!! [H]
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Quality! One way to beat the road tax. I believe you can 'mod' those as well [:D]
[quote user="Tabs"]

Quality! One way to beat the road tax. I believe you can 'mod' those as well


Yeah youre not wrong there mate but lets not go there eh! [;)]
[quote user="Awesome_Andy"]

haha that looks a hoot!


certainly is Andy [Y] had a scoot a few years ago, forgot how bad/crazy other drivers can be from a two-wheeled perspective[:O]

had to take a CBT test (with it being a 100cc) its a bit like the old cycling proficincy test!!

£95 a chuck!! and you still have to wear L plates, if you dont take your bike test within 2years you take the CBT again

thing is it costs around £500 to pay for your full test!
Hehe i love these things [Y]

Had one of the best and funniest biking afternoons of my life on a 100 Speedfight few years back, my bro-in-law had bought one on a whim and decided he wanted shut after a couple of months so i sorted him out a deal with a local Honda dealer i know,

He wanted me to drop it off and get the cash etc so i left my VTR1000 at home, suited up (think 6' 17 stone fat power ranger) ripped the 'L' plates off the Pug and got my Bro-in-law on the back and headed off...

Ended up taking a massive detour over the Woodhead pass, ragged the arse of the thing and almost wore the footplates out, the looks we got were priceless, happy dayz lol [:D]
I use to have one of those ...50cc!

K&N Air filter, no-baffles in the exhaust....

sure i gained an extra 1bhp as it felt faster :D
is it restricted to 60mph? my mate had a 50cc one derestricted that would do 55 lol play with that it'll do 80+ i.e sports exhaust maybe a bore kit they go like stink, also you can change the clutch rollers and get better pull off lol
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