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xs2mans A3 2.0TDi

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Had it a couple months now. Long enough to fit the H&R springs, and the alloys. ChippedUK ST3 remap (fast road and economy), and for it to need a new clutch, D'oh...

Some pics...

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looking good mate, how does it ride with the H&R's ? does it have the Sport dampers?
Nah, its the SE spec, so just changed the springs just now. The ride is ok though. Not as smooth as the original ride, but worth the trade off as it no longer looks like a q7, he he.

No more plans for the A3 though. Its the daily driver, so once the clutch is sorted out, that'll be it done.
That sits perfectlyy..I want mine like that!

Were the springs simple to fit...(was it similar to the golf)?

They're the only springs i chnaged and they weren't too hard!

Looks sweet mate :D
That sits perfectlyy..I want mine like that!

Were the springs simple to fit...(was it similar to the golf)?

Looks sweet mate :D
The rears were easy enough, but the fronts were a little more tricky. Worth it though. If you managed on the mk4, you'll be fine.
As said already she sits perfectly [Y] What's the ride like now on stock shocks?
The ride is quite good. I mean, its not as silky smooth as it was on standard springs, you can feel the bumps a bit more, but it is a little sharper in the turns, and I get more feeling out of it, so its all good.

Except that I can't really gun it anyware as a result of the clutch slip :( Top priority as soon as I get back from work, lol.
Clutch slips! Are they as expensive to do as the Mk4 platform cars were?
We'll find out shortly I should imagine, lol. Star Performance quoted £300 for clutch and £500 for flywheel. Unsure if that was fitted or not though. A friend however, can get the clutch for £150. Unsure about flywheel yet.

I am away to work for next 3 weeks though, so we'll see when I get back. Unlike the mk4 though, I shall be putting this motor in to get done, lol.
Ha Ha Ha mate.

The power outputs in my sig are for my mk4 1.8T, lol (carried over from ukmkiv). For the A3 though, I would expect in the region of 185 BHP. Dunno about torque yet mind.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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