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What's your favourite console system?

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Simple Poll really! Vote for your fav. system and maybe post up why you voted [:)]
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I voted for the PS3 largely becuase I have one and can't be bothered getting an XBOX [:D]
I voted for the Xbox for the same reason as you Tabs (just vice versa!)
I can see that being a theme for the poll results. Although there are some folk out there who have both!

I do have a PSP as well but prefer the PS3 for obvious reasons [:D]
I voted PS3, simply because (following the theme) I've only ever owned Playstations. Even though I've not upgraded the PS2, I aspire towards the PS3 [:D]

I just wish I had enough spare time to play on any console! As it is, I hardly play on the PS2 so it's just not worth the money to upgrade.
Give it till after Christmas I reckon the PS3 will drop in price.
No doubt......then I just need someone to invent a device to pause time itself so that I can play on my PS3!

Going off on a slight tangent, a mate of mine bought a PS3 with Rockstar, complete with guitar.....what a laugh that is, especially when it's played through a huuuge amp and big TV. [<:eek:)]
I have both the xbox and the PS3 and i voted PS3.

Always liked the Playstations..
Ive got 3 Xbox 360's and a PS3, I prefer the 360 over the PS3 as more of my friends are on xbox live and I think the overall user interface is better. I only have 3 games for the PS3 but probably 30+ (genuine) games for the 360. I think I'm addicted to the achievement system.

Funny thing was, I was a playstation fan till I got the 360 having owned the PSX and PS2.
I voted 360 despite having all the current generation consoles. My wii is good for parties and wii fit, and the PS3 is good for watching movies, but as a games console, the 360 cannot be beat.

Technically it is behind the PS3, but for gaming, especially online, the 360 wins hands down. I own 2 360's by the way, lol.
[quote user="wellsy"]

I think I'm addicted to the achievement system.


What's that about then? Is it similar to the trophy system on the PS3?

Btw download Warhawk on the PS3 so I can kick yo' ass [:D]
Looks trivial, but they really are addictive. I'm currently running at 9861 which is about 1500 more than my house mate. If he overtakes me, I'd have to step up to the plate!

All explained here.
Xbox all day for Stevey. Only play 2 games though Call of Duty4 and Forsa Motorsport.

If anyone is on Xbox Live and wants ther arse kicking my gamertag is steveyd81
360 for me [Y]

Had the best of all worlds - my son had the PS2, my daughter had the GAMECUBE

But since my son went to uni he traded in his PS for a 360!!

My daughter has also got a PS2 Midi!??
360 for me too...

Normally found being killed to death on COD4 or drumming like Animal on RockBand [:)]
[quote user="Beddie"]

360 for me too...

Normally found being killed to death on COD4 or drumming like Animal on RockBand


rock band [8-|] lol
Xbox 360 all the way, even though I'm on my third due to stupid ring of death repeatedly!
I put the Wii down mainly cos I've only ever personally owned two consoles in my life - PS2 and Wii - and I play the latter more.

Games I've always done through the PC and I just don't have time for them really any more (although if I've got the raving hump and can't be arsed to do anything for a day, I'll quite happily go and create Sims and make them do crazy things for Sims 2)

360 but on our 2nd one thus far grrr.

Any of you Muso's above (Beddie) fancy a jam on either Rockband or Guitar Hero, let me know.

Got these games back at christmas for the kids and 'dad' plays them more

Downloaded Death Magnetic during the week for RB World Tour and for a few tracks on there at the moment I am Nr. 1 (score wise) in the whole wide world !!

[edit] Also rather fond of Forza 2 as well. Does UKMK4's have a Forza lobby thead going ? I'd check in for some online racing for sure.
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