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WARNING: Speeding in France

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Something's that's come around the local news being Kentish, is that Kent Police have been out working with the Frenchies about speeding, as apparently we're getting too big for our boots, causing too many accidents, and acting that we own the road. Bit like how so many pillocks drive over here - which doesn't mix with the French style.

As I understand it, they'll be cracking down big style on speeding particularly with the Brits (they've never needed an excuse as it is!) - they believe in big fines, and if you really go for it, there is a risk they'll confiscate your car.

It's not England, so take a little care, and remember coming back towards Calais there's that well placed BP garage. And they love to sit there... We've been ID'd before whilst stopping for Petrol and watched... That may well get worse.. [:)]

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Myself and Mr potter were on the recieving end of some over-zealous gendarmes on the way back from the 'ring in May 2007...

Late for the Dunkerque ferry and pressing on a bit, luckily for me Curley needed the loo so overtook me about 1/2 a mile before two bike cops gunned him at 144 in a 100, 60 Euros and 1 ticket out of 'le rost beef' special ticket book later and we on our way,

Loads of French registered cars were hammering past us when we got gunned, so it was just a case of an easy tug for some funds for the police xmas party imo lol!
My mate recently emigrated to Germany and was driving through France. He was stopped for speeding (he's adamant that he was driving at the limit) and got pulled. Bearing in mind that he had his wife and 4month old baby with him, they escorted him to a bank to get the money for the fine, then made his go to the station to pay the speeding fine whilst his wife and baby waited for 90 minutes. Gits.
Didnt spend too much time in France, i'll take note for next time though, then again i was cruising at 90kmh for most of the French roads to Calais.

Didnt spot a single copper to be honest

Aye it's not a threat or a diss at anyone's driving, I just know what the French can be like, just be careful! [:)]

I'll be over in October and taking it easy with some of hte guys off to the Ring [y]

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