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I have copied and pasted this off another forum, not sure how true it is , but who knows?

Hi Guys
You may have noticed recently that the Volcanic Ash is coming down to earth and sitting on our cars, just sat there won't cause many problems for a well protected car, it's the removal that is the problem.

This stuff is super sharp!!!!!!

I wiped some off my car yesterday and it did leave faint scratches in the paint, even after hosing down, it seems to go sticky as well and drags.

Therefore for those of you with foam lances I would recommend pouring hot water on the car first, about 60C then foaming, power washing and foaming again, and if you have the time foam again and use the two bucket method and rinse really well, I would also use a QD for spraying as well.

If no foam lance again go with the hot water and put some shampoo in a spray bottle and cover the car, then hose off really well keeping hose about 4" away from car then add more shampoo, again washing with the 2 bucket method. Again dry carefully.

If yo have a fabric convertible I would hoover this first as this will just get stuck in the pile and as it is also metal particles mixed in with it will rust.
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