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Golf R32 mkiv
- Major Paint Correction Detail

I was invited
over by Jonny from Pure Detail again in the North West to lend a helping hand
on the Golf. It was booked for his "purest" detail; a wheels-off, full
interior, engine bay and major paint correction.

On the first
day Jonny had deep cleaned the car in readiness for my arrival early Thursday morning
- Thurs & Fri were spent machine polishing and then the interior, engine
and arches etc tackled last thing Saturday morning.

After a 5am
start and a two hour journey, I arrive at PD HQ:

Although it hasn't
got many miles on the clock (~35k), the Golf paintwork was rather abused! Two
words, 'car wash'.

It was
obvious we're going to have to go aggressive with this one.

My first
before/after on the bonnet:

Two hard
hits were required with FastCut+ and Ultrafina on a foamed wool Lake Country
pad to get the desired results.

Jonny testing
the Lake Country wool pad before moving onto his own Meguiars wool pads:

After I'd
corrected the N/S quarter of the bonnet with wool, I stepped down to a foam
polishing pad with Menzerna 203s to refine the finish further.


Working my
way down the N/S.




The large
wool pads are all well and good but you're unable to get in close to panel
edges etc. Further correction had to be made with the 3M compounding spot pad
ensuring every area was defect free.

(where the wool pad wouldn't reach safely)

And after
with the spot pad work:

A nice 50/50
on the N/S rear door:

Probably the
worst area on the car was the roof. Riddled with defects but several scratches
that were far too deep to remove.

before and after:

50/50 on the
rear quarter showing how much colour & clarity is lost when your car's
covered in swirls.

Video footage here:

Again, on
the rear quarter, a before/after:

Clarity and
gloss restored:

N/S finished
- working my way round the bootlid:

After with

without halogens:

After with
the Brinkmann LED inspection lamp:

badly scuffed too. More wool compounding required.

50/50 low
down on the sill:

finishing off the backend:

Due to the immense
build up of dust and polish residues, the car was jetted down outside and
brought back in for drying.

Engine bay

wiped and a hoovered. Paintwork IPA'd and protected. Glass cleaned. Tyres &
arches dressed. Pretty much finished!

Quite a
transformation! A stunning colour to work on (Deep Blue Pearl). Lovely.

Thanks to
all those involved.


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nice work stunning colour when polished .oooh that good enough reason to stay out the carwash in the future looks like it was equipped with wire brushes [:O]

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Thanks Dom - quite a turnaround, eh? For such low milage vehicle it was in a pretty poor condition to be honest!

Much prefere this type of work over the new car protections etc. (better to have something to get your teeth stuck into!)

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Some job there again Jim.

When you say two words - car wash. I was reminded of a customer's two cars today. Both 2010 - Lexus IS250 and Landcruiser, black, and you should see the swirls. its soooooo bad.

Mine isnt so bad because i always use your two bucket method with a wash mit and its never seen a car wash in 4 years of my ownership.

Is it the brushes in the car wash?

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I know, it's not good.

Just think about how much crud the bristles/brushes in the car wash will be housing - you never know whats been in before you; perhaps it was Farmer John with his dutty 4x4 (straight from the fields!)

That coupled with the fact they're slapping your car at >500rpm - it can't be good. It doesn't take a lot to mark your paintwork - even with the pre-rinse, pre-wash two buckets etc at home, you can sometimes find yourself getting caught out.

Cheers Steve.
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