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I just wanted to post up my brilliant experience with Volksautos.

For a reason unknown to me, my 2002 A4 1.8T started intermittently showing various faults, including the EPC and Engine Check lights appearing, the car going into limp mode and so on.

I needed someone fairly local to me (South London) to have a look at it and rectify the faults. Based on comments on here and other forums, everything pointed to Volksautos so I got in touch with Lynsey there and dropped the car off. Dave (owner) spent several days finding the fault which turned out to be a bunch of wires in the bay trapped in a plenum chamber where they hadn't been correctly fitted by the previous owner/garage. Something that could have been incredibly costly was actually relatively simple to fix.

The two things that made the biggest difference compared to other specialists I've used, were how Lynsey kept me in the loop with regards to what was going on with the car - daily updates over the phone, and secondly, how Lynsey and Dave were both so friendly and didn't at any point make me feel stupid for not knowing every intricacy of the car.

I can't recommend Volksautos enough - all of the positive feedback you read about them really is true and I will definitely be using them in the future.

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