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USB or Ipod Dock options?

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Which one is the best to go for on the A3? I'm leaning towards the USB so that I can use the ipod or a USB drive.

Seems to make more sense to me...unless I'm missing something obvious.

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I'd go with the USB dock myself Dave, best of both worlds as it were [Y]

Don't forget you can have the option of 2 SD card slots should you decide to spec or retro-fit the RNS-E nav unit, so thats another option...
Yeah, that's what I thought. I just wasn't sure whether I was forgetting something obvious with the USB connection. The nice thing with a USB drive is that they're cheap cheap so if the worst happens and the car got broken in to, it's not an expensive ipod in the glovebox.

As for the RNS-E, I don't think I'll be going for that.....the budget's being stretched as it is! Might be something to consider for a retrofit though [*-)]

Thanks Beddie.
Yeah mate, retro-fit is the only way to go imo, i saved £1800 off the option price and it works just the same lol!
[:O] £1800? Bit of a no-brainer then! [:D]
How did you go about getting one Beddie? Did you have to get any other parts new, such as the holders for the Hazard light button, traction control and drinks holder?
[quote user="ramezk"]

How did you go about getting one Beddie? Did you have to get any other parts new, such as the holders for the Hazard light button, traction control and drinks holder?


Bought the RNS-E unit, antenna and plug and play adaptor from good old fleabay mate, £440 delivered from Lithuania of all places! [:)]

They did send a 'back-up' copy of the 2007 maps DVD with it but i managed to blag a genuine one from the dealer during the TMC recall that Audi ran..

I was quite lucky that the car already had the double din symphony stereo in when i bought it, so just a case of pulling that out and slotting the nav in [Y]
Lithuania?!? erm...... I have to question its legitimacy! [:D]

Loving the 'back up' copy of the maps [:D]

Mine has got the single DIN stereo in it, so it could be a huge pain installing the double DIN. Ah well, gonna stick with the trusty tom tom!
Lol! yeah must admit sending £880 (i bought one with a friend) to Lithuania was a little worrying [;)]

The seller we used has something like 5000 feedback, mainly VW and Audi nav units and quite a few people on the forums had used them ok, so we went for it lol!!

It is more complex and expensive to retro fit nav when you have the single din stereo but still relatively easy if you know what your doing, can recommend this guy, his name's craig and his work is top notch [:)]
Anybody got advice on removing the glovebox so I can fit my dension kit?
Dave, just out of interest which Midlands dealer is supplying your new A3?
Removing Glovebox.


Remove cover from end of dash - It just pulls off (open door to get to it) and remove one bolt.

Underneath glovebox - remove three bolts

Open gloveboox - remove one bolt next to light in glovebox

Remove three bolts from top edge of glovebox

Glove box is now free to remove.

P.S. Turn the Passenger Air Bag switch off in the glovebox and turn the ignition on and off again so that the car recognises that the airbag is disabled. If you don't do this, and then you remove the wiring to the back of the glovebox to completely remove it, then you may get an airbag fault on the dash when you put it all back together. If this happens you will need someone with VAG-COM or a trip to the dealer to clear the fault.
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