UK Audi Forum banner @ VWNW '08

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Finally pulled my finger out and sorted the pics of inaugral appearance at the VWNW show at Tatton Park...

We shared a stand with the friendly bunch that is our sister site and as ever it was a great show with a nice chilled atmosphere and plenty of banter round the BBQ [:)]

You may notice that my car was in fact the only Audi in attendance, but every forum has to start somewhere lol! So get next years show booked in the diary and lets try and give the uk-mkivs lot a bit of competition next year [;)]

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That looks the dogs mate. Really liking the wonky sticker [;)]

I wonder if i could ever get mine that clean, well done that man.
^ ^ I agree......the car looks the business, Beddie.

I'll be there next year when I'll hopefully be an A3 owner. [:D]
Looks awesome mate :D

Loving the wheels, the rear lights, the miltec - well everything!
My favourite pic is of the food - rock on whoever was cooking (Em?)

[quote user="Kaz219"]

Loving the rear lights


Get them bought then lol, i keep tripping over the bloody boxes [;)]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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