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Just a few pictures taken from the uk-mkivs - uk-audis mega meet last weekend.

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Other than mine being a bit dirty around the wheels - I think we didn't do bad that weekend [y]

Something to build on, that's for sure... [:D]

Hey not too bad for the first national meet [:D] Even if the dirty TT let the group down... [:p]
Looking good guys... Thought I would check out this forum.. Looks good!
Great to catch up with you again Mark. Your GTi looking really good.

See you on Sunday.
[quote user="wellsy"]

I notice you had a few VW's there.


Yeah, we had some space left over and felt sorry for them, what with them only being able to afford VW's and all...
Great pic's there matey

Apoliges aswell mine was a little dirty aswell

but next time she will look a little diffent
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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