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Its a bit of a faff.. but here's how you do it!

>Scroll to the bottom of the thread
>Tap on the Subject Line
>Click Previous
>Click Next
>Tap in the Message box exactly where the first character would appear
>Type Message

Only problem is that it locks its self in Caps lock so you have to press shift in between every character... unless you dont mind shouting!

(i cant take credit for this... someone on mkiv put up the how to!)


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[quote user="GavNayshGTTDI115"]

my sonyericcson wont let me sign in but i can read threads and browse the site, just not reply.......lucky really as i wouldnt get ote done at work if i could!!


Gav, with my BB, i had to delete the history and cookies from the phone first, then i had no problems - don't know if this'll help you
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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