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TT RS spy shots

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Courtesy of

There are reports the engine performance will be boosted to 350hp [:O] using twin sequential turbochargers, a figure that is low enough that it won't impede on the R8 but high enough to offers an attractive alternative to the 272hp TTS. All this power will be directed through Audi's permanent 4WD Quattro system and six-speed manual transmission.

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Here's one testing on the nurburgring....sounds feckin awesome, i want one!

If only i was a hairdresser, come to think of it, i need models

Sounds fantastic - But if you listen at 1:07 its very quiet at low revs until the turbo kicks in - then you get that exhaust note. Do you reckon this is on purpose to make it more driveable round town at low revs?
There's nothing hairdresser about this car!
from what ive read its either a 2.5l twin turbo 5 cylinder or a 3l supercharged v 6.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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