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I lasted 2 months before the temptation to change a few things got the better of me [:D]

I always felt the new grille on the facelift looked a bit bland (the standard S-line grille is no longer unique to the S-line). I wasn't overly keen on the black optics grille on a black car as it hides the trapezoid frame and I feel the car loses its identity.

I love the look of the chrome 'S' series grille, I did some research and after searching through several german Audi forums and using an online translator I discovered the new S3 facelift grille is a straight swap for the standard grille [:D]

I decided to order it ASAP before everyone discovered the mod which normally results in VAG increasing the price.

The S3 badge was removed, I wasn't happy with just gluing the S-line badge on so I machined a special adapter - this converts the slot to accept the OEM S-line badge and allows it to clip in perfectly. I'll add some pics if anyones interested.

The grille took around 3 hours to install, this was the first time I had the bumper off so had to figure that out first and there are no online 'how to' guides available for the facelift yet. All went smoothly apart from the cuts and grazes to my hands.

The other mod i've done is the RNS-E which is fantastic so i've included a few pics of that. This took all of 15 mins to install, it's a simple plug and play job and there is a little void between the two centre vents (under the dash) where the GPS antenna fits perfectly. Big thanks to BlackMagic20vt from uk-mkivs who did the coding for me [Y]

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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