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The dreaded 'Ring of Fire' XBOX 360

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This weekend was a sad one folks[:'(]

Blasting away on 'Bad Company' when the screen froze, ejected the game and re-booted the console but the dreaded three red lights appeared and refused to work!![:mad:]

Rang the Microsoft helpline (somewhere in outer Mongolia) - and Result!!!

Said console will be repaired under warrenty [:D]

trouble is it will take 2 to 3 weeks - Ahh well
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Mine dne this...i took it back to tescos and they gave me a new one :D
Do u know why it happens though ?

Mine jst went out the blue...
No idea Kaz - the chap on the helpline says its a hardware problem
From speaking with people in the know I've been told it happens becuase it overheats in short. I'm on my third xbox now. The glue used to hold a couple of the chips down melts under the extreme heat, they are held in place by "x-clamps" which are s**t and are meant to hold the chips tight in place agianst their heatsinks but they shake over time and the chips become loose, this then causes the fault as the xbox recognises an error in reading the chips.

I took mine apart trying to mend it myself as it was out of warranty, ballache job and to no avail! Hopefully Santa will bring me one this year as I've been good!
I haven't got an XBOX 360 but I heard Chris Moyles talking about his doing the same thing a couple of weeks ago on his radio show. He said it was something to do with over heating and apparently, wrapping it in a towel to heat it up can make the chip connections make contact again, but this sounds a bit bizarre!

I then stumbled across the following link, which I thought was quite a humourous way of looking at it:
Haha, that link is hilarious!

That towel trick is not proven to mend it at all, only way to fix it to take it apart I'm afraid and replace the x-clamps. Best to let Microsoft do it though as they know what theyre doing

Sorry to rub it in but iv just finished seting up my wireless connection to my xbox [:$]

Was speaking to Beddie before and his xbox did ecactly the smae thing a few hours after the crap new download from xbox live.

Mine did make a funny noise the other day, then fail to turn on. It seems ok now but I fear its only a matter of time........................

Gamer tag is Steveyd 81 sould anyone fancy a race or a fight [H]
I am sort of online! My username is Yippeekiyay however afer I took my Xbox apart to 'Improve' its ability to read certain discs I got it banned on 'Live' so am now waiting for the funds to buy another xbox so I can get back on Live more often. I still pay for gold membership though as I've loaded my username onto a mates xbox which I play on every now and again
i heard the chris moyles talk about the towel trick ,

its ment to get so hot it melts the solder and makes the contacts repair !!!!

mmmmm its more likly to do more damage as everything will over heat and burn out quicker lmao
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