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How do you get the superlative of the word "car"? The answer is easy
and still impressing: car - fast car - ABT RS6, as ABT Sportsline has
set a unique benchmark in engineering: thanks to ABT Power the V10 TFSI
delivers 700hp (515kW) - and that makes the RS6 a real super sportscar
in an elegant but very useful clothing. For comparison: the serial RS6
achieves 580hp (426kW). The "station racecar" displays its maximum
torque of enormous 800Nm (series: 650Nm) between 2400 and 6100 rpm.
What does that mean? The ABT RS6 is at any time and in any situation a
superior vehicle with an engine that belongs to the extremely fast ones
thanks to its top speed of 310 km/h. Of course the currently most
dynamic one of ABT Sportsline's car creations is easy to steer through
daily traffic. The driver should, however, contain his leadfoot: beware
when the ABT RS6 is unleased...

Read about this story here....
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