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A winner always builds on his strengths: That's why
Audi has again upgraded its luxury class A6 model. Efficient engines
have been added to the drive-train lineup, with innovative technologies
cutting fuel consumption by about 15 percent across the whole model
range. An improved suspension and new high-tech assistance system give
the driver even greater control over the car. And the new-generation
MMI control system is out-performing itself. The revamped A6 will be
launched in the German market in late summer.

It's the sportiest and most popular
business sedan on the market. The Audi A6 is leading the Premium C pack
- both in Europe and around the world. In 2007, Audi sold about 234,000
units, giving the A6 a 37 percent market share among its core
competitors. Most of the A6's sold were equipped with six- or
eight-cylinder engines, permanent 4x4 quattro and a luxury assortment
of optional equipment - all evidence of the high regard Audi
technologies is enjoying worldwide.

Its design is emphasized by a
range of bold new accents, perfectly articulating the A6's strong
personality. The single-frame grill, bumpers, air vents and fog lights
have all gotten a facelift.

More on the story here......

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Some more images of the Avant version:[img]


See more images here......
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