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Superchips 'Bluefin' remap for 2.0TDi (140) inc. Dyno plots

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I've been running a Superchips 'Bluefin' Remap on my 2.0 PD140 for 18 months and 30K miles now and wanted to offer my opinion for anyone considering a remap on their 2.0TDi..

Had the map originally loaded down at SC HQ in Buckingham last February, since then i've only switched it back to stock with the handset once as the car went in for a service, not missed a beat since the original install and seems to be getting better as the car loosens up more,

As for how it drives, best way i could describe it would be to say that it mimicks the stock power delivery but with 25% added everywhere, no daft clutch killing low rev boost spikes, just an eagerness to rev and hold the power longer than the stock map with a good dose of extra wallop throughout the range [Y]

Remaps are one of those things where everyone will have their favourite tuner, this one's mine though [;)]

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So the 140PD isnt actually 140?! Its 153? Great post, considering having mine done
[quote user="ramezk"]

So the 140PD isnt actually 140?! Its 153? Great post, considering having mine done


Quite possibly mate, my old Bora 130 consistently made 150Bhp on RR days so you never know i suppose?

Most likely down to the Dyno type and measuring method used though imo, either way it's a nice 40Bhp increase and really does transform the car mate, well recommended! [:)]
my minds made up for Bluefin. Nice write up and even better dyno graphs!
The Golf made 153 as you think Superchips "fix" it ?? [:-*]
how easy is it to use and do you get better mpg?
Can't comment on usability but as I said in the other thread, I get MUCH better mpg from the golf with 191 BHP than the stock Audi. I guess it's because you don't need as much throttle input ...when I fill up the golf, the range is usually 525-550 miles but the Audi is about 50 less
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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