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Sunroof rip-off

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Grrrr - how come if you have a 3 door, you can have a sunroof for £575 but if you have the 5 door, you can't ? You have to have the moonroof at £1050 !!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF ? Why ? me no understandy...
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Get a 3 door, make the kids and passengers strugle. [:D]
No can do. Company cars must be 4 or 5 doors
What the hells a moon roof ?

A glass roof?
it looks like a normal sunroof on google images....or if is something completly diff?

its like a double one - I think the exterior is all glass but the interior has 2 openings ( 1 front and 1 rear ), the only "closure" you get over them is a sliding mesh cover so you can never completely block out the light.
Sounds goodd...

But at that price..i think you will really have to want one to have one...

Are there any pictures of one ?

I cant seem to find any ?
Is this oneee ?

Looks cool !!!

I'd have one in red with teh black roof and black wheels :D

But dunno about the £1000 ... :S :S :S

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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