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Has anyone put rear spacers on their 8p A3 yet?

I think it would do wonders for the stance if spacers were used on the rear - 10 to 20mm.

Ive never bought spacers before, so which brands are best? whats a good price? Should I buy expensive or cheap for what is essentially a ring of metal with 5 holes in it?

Cheers [H]
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I've got 10mm H&R spacers on the rear of my 2.0TDi, make quite a nice difference to the rear stance imo [Y]

Make sure you get 'hubcentric' ones mate as they sit on the hub and are much safer than non-hubcentric, can't go wrong with the H&R or Eibach ones imo..

Try DPM performance who advertise on here mate, they stock the H&R ones and usually very keenly priced

Thanks mate, great info as usual.

How does the 10mm sit with yours Beddie? could it do with more?

I did originally want 15mm for the rears on mine, but a few people have had rubbing issuses with the 15's on the S3 and S-Line needing the removal of a couple of arch liners screws, mine does rub but so far only on the Karousell at the Nurburgring lol! [:D]

I'm probably gonna go up to 12mm on the back and put the 10's on the front sometime in the future, but yeah, even the 10mm ones make a noticeable difference imo
We sell a hell of a lot of 12mm (24mm axle) rear and 10mm (20mm axle) front for A3 and S3 8P owners. Just enough for a nice wide look but not too much as they'll rub.

Damian @ DPM
Depends what size your after Tabs?

Some are in stock so next day but if not all orders go through to H&R Germany every Monday and they're delivered to us the following Monday.


Damian @ DPM
[quote user="Beddie"]Try DPM performance who advertise on here mate, they stock the H&R ones and usually very keenly priced[/quote]

Thanks Beddie!

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