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Dear all,

Just a quick message to say we're moving to a new server today. The site will be offline whilst the move takes place and will hopefully be back online tomorrow depending how long it takes for your DNS records to be updated [Y]

Worst case the site will be back up by Sunday at the latest.

Sorry for the lack of warning on this - I completely forgot that as the database for this site is interlinked with uk-mkivs for membership, taking uk-mkivs offline will impact on this site...doh!



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Special offer from the host was it - buy one get one half price??

I'm only on about 1.5MB so unless there's big speed increases I really don't notice. I've even started filtering out ads and all the JS crap (including your ads on here, easier than I thought [;)])

I love everything about where I live - except my ADSL connection which is shoot (4.2km from exchange [:'(])

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