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S5 Cabrio

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OK...its "just" a rendering ATM but hubba hubba
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I'd stick with the coupe, lol

Its nice, but...

Can understand the weight thing, but on a car worth that much with that much in it, and you put a soft top on it??

Where's me blade...

Supposedly out in January 09.

Seeing as it's been called "camp" I have no other alternative but to be a man and publicly say in a gruff voice....I hate it.....yet secretly......
Audi are confusing me soo badd :S

So is there not going to be a A4 convertible then...

As if there is, the A4 convert and A5 convert will be the same car imo

Same size, similar looking... i really dont get what market Audi are trying to target with this one :S
Personally I like it, but being a hairdresser I would say that! I do thing a hardtop roof would be a bit more fetching.

Ck were not all blade crazed maniacs like you! [:S] and RS4 cabs are already in the same target market without many problems??

Anyway anything is better than the A3 cab, still no idea why they don't make the A4 cab anymore..... its all a bit wishy washy atm.
Sorry mate, it's cos I is from Laandaaan innit. [:p]

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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