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removing scratches

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I have 2 light ( ie I can't feel them with my nail ) scratches on the back bumper of my Phantom black A4. They're about 1/2mm wide x 120 mm long. I've tried Megs scratch remover but no luck.

Any of cunning plans much appreciated
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Megs 'Scratch X' usually removes fairly light scratches, but can leave a cloudy looking area behind (micro-marring) if your not careful, VAG paint is rock hard so its hard to shift marks by hand..

If you've got anyone local thats got a Porter Cable/ Megs Polisher etc, a quick run over the scratches with something like Menzerna Intensive polish should shift them without causing anymore damage [Y] is a good resource for all things car cleaning lol
Watch out for scratch x....... remember the Leon Beddie?
If you're removing the scratches by hand, try rubbing them with a bit of compound or stronger polish such as 3M Extra Fine or Menzerna PO85RD-3.02 Intensive Polish, then just finish it down with something like some Sratch-X and then some pre-wax cleanser such as Lusso Revitalising Creme or Dodo Juice Lime Prime.

The best results will be achieved with a machine though [:)]
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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