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hi all,

i own an a3 tdi (130) and am looking at getting the car remaped. could anyone give me any advice on which company to go with, i've heard that superchips and revvo are good, however i have been told that the revvo remap is quite aggressive.

cheers for the help.
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Hiya mate,

Not sure about diesel mapping to be honest but I've been recommended Chipped UK a no. of times
Revo maps we're quite agressive when first released however they've ironed out a lot of the spikes and made them more progressive. I've got a Revo map on my 150PD TDI and it's very usable, with a smooth progressive curve right up to 4000rpm.

The 130's tend to map with a tad more low down power, due to them not having as good a top end the 150 so you can expect to the any 130 map to be a bit more 'torquey' in the low end power band,

Other mappers offer differing levels of performance, it's just a case of determining what type of drive you're after. As Diggler has suggested, ChippedUK are pretty good and their new ST3 system is quite well matched to the differing levels of performance that diesels deliver.
In the interests of balance and open choice, have a look at what Custom-Code have to offer for the TDI PD engines. If you have access to VAG-COM then the switchable maps feature may interest you.

I have no association with Custom-Code or indeed any of the other tuning companies mentioned thus far.
My car wouldnt start today for some reason (the mechanic said it could be a fuel pump problem) but we had a conversation about the 2.0tdi range for about 2 hours today! it was wkd and really educational, but he basically told me to ask my dealer to recommend remapping to be done.

Audi Germany officially recommend aftermarket chip tuners to audi customers, according to this mechanic - So I think I'll ask my dealers the same!

Obviously Id get it in paper in case anything goes wrong and they wont cover it on the warranty!
Can't fault the Superchips 'Bluefin' remap on my 140PD mate, love it! [Y]

Here's a quick review i did....
Do you know if you can use the bluefin handset on multiple vehicles?
[quote user="ramezk"]

Do you know if you can use the bluefin handset on multiple vehicles?


Unfortunately not mate, it's locked to the originally mapped vehicles VIN number/ECU, shame..... lol! [;)]
bluefin reamp looks pretty faultless, think i may go with that. cheers
Just had a quick look at and it doesnt support the 1.9PD 130 unfortunately..

The regular Superchips OBD remap would be the way to go, same remap product just without the switchability of the Bluefin, i've never turned mine off by the way lol! [:D]

Here's the curves for the 130...
thats a bit gutting.

ok thats cool then i'll prob go with that, especially as their headquaters are only up the road from bicester.

them curves look pretty sweet as well. cheers
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