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what sort of increase in BHP would i get with a remap of a 2.0 2003 FSI A3
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according to Superchips, this is the data they offer for you car with their remap, if thats any use?

Original bhp : 147
Original nm : 200
BHP increase : 9
NM gain : 10
Lb/Ft gain : 7

thats also at a cost of about £300
Was just going to ask the same question, is it the turbo or the non turbo?
thats for the non turbo. for the turbo they say they offer this performance increase

Original bhp : 197
Original nm : 280
BHP increase : 41
NM gain : 54
Lb/Ft gain : 40

cost is 500 though.

dunno if thats any help?
wheres that from ? ive decided a 2.0 tdi will be best
thats from superchips, have a look at the bluefin remap they do, that looks pretty sweet.
tdi get the best gains!

Or look at the 1.8T engine in the newer models.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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