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Ramezk's Motor!!!

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Hello all

This is my motor!

2004 A3 2.0 Tdi 140 Sport with the Vienna grey leather interior.

Factory options are the leathers, lighting pack, acoustic parking sensors and sun pack.




The pictures are from the warehouse at the dealer when the salesman sent them to me. By the way, Poole Audi are top top notch [Y] - No wonder they're an R8 Centre. You can actually see an R8 behind mine in the top photo.

Ive already put in an iPod kit, and the Uk-Audi' sticker, the next mod will hopefully be spacers and a new sub, as the stock one is kack, followed by 18" RS4's, remap and cruise, tints, and that should be it as its already a nice looking motor methinks!

Any comments, ideas appreciated!

PS -**How do you post pictures within the listing?"
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I've edited your post to show the pictures, if you re-edit it you'll be able to see how it was done [Y]

Your new A3 looks great, sounds like you've got some great plans for her as well.
Nice carr :D

Looks good now and should look great when its donee :D

Good luck with the motor !
Thanks fella you too! [Y]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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