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Project A2 Update Now lowered

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Well with my missus having the A2 for a year and doing little to it apart from my suprise Revo remap its been pretty bland.

So i have it now as a little project seen that there aint too many of them around.

First up i purchased a set of 18" TT V6 Ronals wrapped in 215/35/18 tyresand HID kit

next up is a set of TA Technik coilovers (just waiting on a part for them as they sent the wrong one) these will be fitted next weekend so will get pics up once they are on.

And i did a partial diy retrim of the headcloth and pillars. Once coilovers are on i need to buy a new intercooler as mine has split but can't decide whether to buy an uprated or genuine???

Let me know what you think (honesty is the best policy)

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This could get interesting, I've never seen ap roject diary for an A2 before [y]

No good at the tech stuff me so can't say about the I/C - I guess one of the questions is are you gonna tweak it any more under the bonnet [:)]

More pics when you've done the coilies please and let 'em settle [y]

I started the coilovers today but ran out of daylight so just need to get the passenger side from on and adjust both fronts so they are level.

I have to say though the front drivers side strut nuts were a complete nightmare to get into as the brake resovior bottle sits on top of them so im glad that bits done.

Hopefully all going well completed pics will be posted soon
Well after just a few headaches the Coilovers are finally done



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nice and firm as it used to wallow all over the place
That look sweet !

The wheels look awesome.... Love the way they fill the arches!

I think i would have to get 20's on my A3 to fill the arches like you a3 did!

Looks nice and go uprated on the intercooler like i said on teh other thread!

You got any exterioir plans for her ?

Good luck !
wheels look too big imho maybe colour coding the valances might help ??
I think it looks smart lowered and with those wheels mate
Seen this in the flesh and I can confirm that the stance is spot on. Very nice little wagon [H]
I have never seen a modded A2 before, looking good lets have some suttle tints next? [H]
That's pretty tight I have to admit [y]

I see you've said the ride's firmer - not too crashy is it??

Not to bad just need to dodge potholes now
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