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Hey all, new to the forum and my first Audi (weekend car is a MK4 R32, so familiar with how these cars typically work). I'm picking up a 2020 Audi SQ2 next week which has rear parking sensors and pre-sense front (with the pedestrian recognition).

I forgot to test this out when viewing the vehicle, but the front of the car has the radar in the centre, and what looks like parking sensors in the lower part of the grill/corners of the bumper.

As far as I can tell from reading online, these front parking sensor looking dots aren't actually being used as parking sensors. I have full VCDS, so I was wondering/hoping whether it's a simple case of editing the coding to enable them as front parking sensors? Looks like all the hardware that you'd typically see for front parking sensors is there but perhaps not enabled.

Sorry if this has been asked before - I have been trying to find some information on this, but haven't found anything specific yet.

Thanks in advance
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