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Porsche 993 Carrera 4

An early start saw me travelling into the West Mids for this lovely mid 90's Porsche.

A relatively recent purchase for the owner; requiring a decent machine polish to lift and restore the lustre that seemed to be missing!


• 303 Aerospace Protectant
• 3M Glass Cleaner
• AutoSol
• AutoSmart G101
• Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild
• Dodo Juice Supernatural
• Menzerna 203s
• Menzerna RD85 3.02
• Meguiars Last Touch
• Meguiars Hyper Wash

Upon arrival:

A great looking classic, but, as you will see, a bit rough on the edges.

Polish residues were everywhere:

My usual approach was taken: wheels, arches and door shuts. Not much attention payed to the wheels as the following day they were being stripped off and replaced.

Following this, a decent well-needed deep clean:

Drying as I go today as the sun was proving rather difficult to work against with the hard water droplets appearing everywhere.

General defects spotted:

The plan was to get as much of the work done out the front as possible (before the rain…). The reason being, the garage was only accessible via an access road some 200 yards round the corner so it would mean packing up and relocating etc.

Polish/pad combination finished up with a green hexlogic light cutting pad and Menz 203s which seemed to be finishing down nicely.

A grey haze was covering the whole car:



Delivering some nice results and only leaving the deeper random scratches.

Finally, the inevitable happened. I'd only made it half way round the wings and bonnet and the heavens opened:

Packed up, reposition and was straight back to work.

50/50 on N/S/F wing:

Methodically working my way around the car…

Rear arch stone protectors cleaned up quite nicely after the one hit:



"Carrera 4" badge removed upon owners request (Actually, it was him that actually removed it! Heat gun and Tardis used to remove glue residues)

After a couple of hits:

The roof wasn't in a great way. Lots of deep marks spotted under the strip-lights:

Again, cleaning up nicely but leaving the odd deep scratches requiring further attention.

Smaller in-accessible areas were cleaned up by hand with a German Applicator pad and Menz 106FA.

Porsche badge was removed earlier on in the polishing stages; a good opportunity now to give it a going over:

Getting there now… the finer details remain (IPA wipedown, wax, dressings and finishing touches etc)

Dodo Juice Supernatural applied:

Glass cleaned with 3M Glass Cleaner.
'Tooth-pickery' work carried out to remove excess polish build-up.
Exhausts worked with 00 wire wool and autosol.
Final wipeover before packing away and we're done. Finished around 9pm (an 11 or 12 hour day).

So that was Thursday. Thursday night saw me have an overnight stop half-hour down the road for an early start on a b7 Audi A4 Avant the next day. Another overnight stay and I was a further 30 mins up the A38 to Burton Upon Trent where I attended a club meet and had my 1.9TDi Avant mapped! Pushing 170bhp and 398lb/ft now! :)


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