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Norton AV Vs. Kaspersky

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I recently scanned the computer for spyware etc. using Adaware and it found a virus, which Norton had failed to pickup despite a full scan being run prior to Adaware [:mad:]. Soooooo, I got rid of Norton and replaced it with Kaspersky.

What a difference! The laptop starts up so much quicker and it's really noticeable with Outlook too. Previously, when starting Outlook, the first time it received any emails it was so slow. I'd heard reports of how bad Norton was in terms of using system resources but, to be honest, I'd never really noticed as I'd never used anything other than NAV.

A definite [Y] for Kaspersky.

Plus (and this is the really good bit) Kaspersky was free for 12months as my bank were doing a promotion on it. [H]
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NAV is like a virus in itsself - its a right PITA to uninstall. I've used Kaspersky for the last 8 months and found it excellent
Tell me about it! I'd heard it was difficult to remove NAV but didn't believe it until I tried!

Found a good guide on removing it all from the t'internet thankfully.
Dave do you have a linky to the NAV uninstall guide, due to recent problems im going to try Kaspersky, its only £30 at the min.
I use AVG (Free edition) - works perfectly, maintains itself, is pretty good at finding stuff, and is free.

Anything made by Norton should be avoided like the plague.

They call it bloatware for a reason [:|]

Steve, open a Barclays account, sign up for internet banking and Kaspersky is free I think. That's where I got mine from although I do have a business account with them.

I think it was this one I used. I didn't bookmark it but I just googled "Norton removal".

Chris, I can't understand why they call NAV bloatware [:D].
Installed Kaspersky on a few machines now, runs like a dream and picks stuff up that some other mainstream AV software doesn't.
Steve, I've just check Barclays website and they're offering it FOC for all account holders who sign up to online banking.
Cheers guys, Ive now upgraded to Kaspersky and im pleased to say that my PC is running great, bye bye norton!

Dave, shame I have only just seen your post, you could have saved me £39 lol, thatnks anyway [Y]
Ah well....£39 isn't too bad. At least it's got rid of Norton. [Y]
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