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Hi Guys

New to this forum and appreciate this question should be in the ICE section but I feel this may be A3 S-Line specific.

I have an 08 A3 S-line Sportback with the Audi Concert HU. My question is simple (I think), I have hard wired a Sony Ericsson hands free kit to it, all works well accept I can't find a Tel Mute connection.

The HU shows a connection available but there is no wire going in, just a pin on the HU end. So, knowing that Tel Mute tends to pull the connection low, ie to ground, I tried shorting out the pin, no Tel Mute shown on the HU. ALso tried connect the Tel Mute cable to the pin on the HU but still no joy.

And hence why I posted this here, does the car DIS/HU need enabling in some way to acknowledge the presence of the Tel Mute connection?

Audi dealership no use, as they said they contract out such installations and wouldn't comment.

Any help, much appreciated.


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