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New TT owner from Swindon (another previous uk-mkivs user)

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Hey there Guy's & Gal's, the name's Ryan, last month I bought myself a 2002 225 Quattro TT & am loving it!

previously had a Black 2000 plate Golf GTi 1.8T for 3 years with a few
Mod's, 19's, Carbonio Induction Kit, couple Anni bits & Re-mapped
to 240bhp, was fun but in the end got fed up of the FWD, the power was
excellent in the dry, surprising many people in 'faster' cars lol, but
in the Wet it was almost not worth having, so just had to go Quattro!

owning the Gti I quite often frequented (Which is how I stumbled upon this new site, nice one Tabs [Y])(Busy man lol!), which was an
excellent source of info! As usual i'm already
planning what's on the Mod list next, doh lol! Just had a Private plate
put on: R44N TT (£138! [:D]), My Forge DV007p has just arrived, Car is booked in for a Custom
Re-map at Jabbasport in Peterborough, along with the DV fitting, Green
Cotton Filter & Throttle body clean (& new Gasket) took the
Golf to these Guy's previously and what a cracking job they did, so I
couldn't not go back...

Through reading alot of the posts on the net it
seems I might of bagged myself a bit of a bargain! 2002 ('02) 225
Quattro, Met Black, 56k, Full Audi Service history (untill the last
one), 5 mths Tax, Years M.O.T put on the day I bought it, 4 new Tyres
in the last 2 months, 18" 9 spoke RS4's, Black Heated Leather (Put in
in 2005, car originally had Red Nappa but the guy who I bought it from
would only buy from Audi on the condition they re-upholstered the
interior in Black, still has Red touches here & there which is a
nice touch) Xenon's, Bose, Climate, Etc, Excellent body work all round,
only light scuffing on 2 of the wheels... For £8,600, I thought that
was a reasonable buy as last month Parkers stated £9,500 for a Private
sale, bargain! & it even had 3/4 of a tank of Fuel in it!

Sorry for the Essay & Hope to speak some more soon, Cheers!

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That is a real bargain at that price!

Really good spec too

Get some pics up [Y]
Welcome Ryan, looks like you've nabbed yourself a bargain there. Car has a lot of history which is alway good to see - the oirginal owner must have paid a premium for those seats to be changed!

You'll have to update your signature now mate, it's still showing the Golf!
Aye, get some pics up fella!

Sounds like you've got a nice motor - great spec, good history and a superb price. Does it get any better than that??!! [:D]
Cheers Guy's, how ironic, I got more welcome replies on here with 255 members, than another Audi forum with almost 17,000 lol....

Yeah really glad with the purchase, and I don't know how I managed to bag it at that price, right place, right time I guess!

Will get some pic's up once I've spent the afternoon sprucing her up, just been down at Jabbasport in the week, had all the work carried out I mentioned and she's now running 275bhp... and the grip! power is 100% usable 100% of the time, no matter how much its chucking it down, finally lol, god bless Quattro!

Ryan. [:D]
Hello and welcome to the forum Ryan, car sounds very nice mate
Hi Ryan welcome to the forum from a fellow TT-er... Sounds like you've not been feeling the understeer yet (which to be fair you don't notice TOO much on the roads) - pop it around the track and you will see it...

Can't say I've ever had 100% grip in mine [;)] Improved with a new Haldex jobbie and doesn't understeer so badly now - still haven't gotten used to it tho... The quattro is indeed bloody awesome (I'm probably screwed if I want to go back to an FWD now!)

See you soon

Hello and welcome mate. TT is soundin pretty sweet so lets have some pic's posted soon!

Its true that tings happen a bit quicker here than the "other" Audi forum..... 17k+ members who don't actually talk to one another.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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