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New members - Where did you hear about

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We're interested to know how you found us! Simply vote on the poll below and reply and let us know if more details are necessary [:)]
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Keep the votes coming folks, it really helps to know where you're coming from [:)]
I heard about it from a man standing in a middle of a field eating a Barn Cake

[quote user="curley"]

From the Boss..


Who..... Brian? [:p]

El Beddo clued me up, along with "the boss" (not Brian)
Saw the link on UKMKIVs, today, funny cos I sold my MKIV Anni this morning and bought an A3 TDi S-Line!

Look forward to the same level of fun and help I foundover on UKMKIVs
Thought I'd ansewered this one!

Tabs - which option does "Bullied the uk-mkivs admins until they finally got the thing going" fit into? [;)]

bought an audi this week...this site was recommended by a friend who owns a mkiv was the place i learned about it! we need more threads and less ads!
Setorgunit.....welcome to the forum mate!

What Audi did you buy?
From the freak that runs this place, what that boy does in his spare time is sick plain and simple.
From a link from the mothership site.

Had no idea this place existed,
Read about a UK-MkIV's group buy on

Joined UK-MKIV's and then saw a link to here.
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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