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Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting me join. Just picked this 2020 RS5 Coupe Sport Edition up from Yeovil Audi. I traded in an Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio for it. An interesting contrast 馃榾
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Why the change from the Alfa? I hasve had a couple of Alfas, and nothing sounds the same as an good old Italian lump.

I've had 12 Alfas and I still have a 2007 Spider 2.2.JTS so I love the brand. I had 18 months of continuous problems with the QV and my local dealer wasn't competent enough to sort them. I have always liked the looks of the RS5 and wanted a coupe that I could rely on with a sunroof. I had an S5 before the QV and that was a great car.
Probably a bit specialised for your run of the mill Alfa dealer.
Yes, but that's not acceptable. They should have arranged Alfa UK to take it to their technical centre, fix it and bring it back. To be honest, I had simply had enough of the hassle.
Yes, you are right about independants. My problem is that my nearest independent capable of working on the QV is a 7 hour round trip away.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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