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New guy

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Morning guys picked up my new A3 on Thursday its an early 08 1.8T FSI S-Line in Silver with gsm armrest, bluetooth, sensors, bose, 20 spoke alloys and multi-fangled steering wheel and i am loving it so far! Then yesterday I went on a ferrari experience day as a present from the missus so its been a good 2 days!

Great website!
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Welcome to the site! [Y] Just replied asking what the spec was in your post over in members rides lol [:$]
Welcome to the site. Will go and have a look at your new ride now!

Welcome to the forum mate! [:)]

Very nice looking new motor, welcome to a world of pain cleaning those 20 spoke's though... [;)]
Haha yes i've actually just been out and polished up the exhausts, took a fair amount of time! I'm on the lookout for some excellent brake dust barrier for the alloy wheels. Whatever the dealership detailed the wheels with however seems to be working a treat as i can just wipe off the dust with a cloth as opposed to cleaning it properly.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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