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Figures for the new 170 non-quattro common rail diesel seem to be difficult to find. I've found some and compared them to the 140 version as I know there's a few people looking at the choice.

I'm quite surprised at the difference 0-60 between the 140 and 170 and the 170 quattro is slightly faster 0-60 than the non-quattro 170 by 0.2secs.

Hope it's of use:

2.0TDI 1702.0TDI 140
0-60mph8.1 secs9.6 secs
Top Speed139129
Engine Power170 BHP/PS140 BHP/PS
Engine Power in PS?YesYes
Engine Power125 kW103 kW
Engine Power4,200 RPM4,200 RPM
Engine Torque258 lbs/ft236 lbs/ft
Engine Torque350 Nm320 Nm
Engine Torque1750 RPM1750 RPM
Directive 1999/100/EC Applies

EC Urban

39.2 MPG42.2 MPG
EC Extra Urban60.1 MPG67.3 MPG
EC Combined53.3 MPG

55.4 MPG


Emissions are 139g/km and 134g/km.

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Hmmm the PD150 does 0-60 in 8.3s so the 170's extra 20bhp doesn't really help its 0-60 time.

I would expect the 140 to do a 0-60 similar to the PD150, let me dig up some figures for the PD140 to see how that compares [:S]
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