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New Audi RS6 gets a power hike from B&B

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Seemingly as if the 5.0 litre FSI twin turbo V10 powered New Audi RS6
wasn't in need of more power, Audi Tuning guru's at B&B
Automobiltechnik have raised the bar with their latest upgrade for the
range topping Audi Saloon and Estate. In standard form the 5.0 litre
engine, derived from the Lamborghini Gallardo, pumps out a not to be
sniffed at 580BHP, which, by any standards makes the Audi pretty quick.
So when B&B fettled about and wound up hitting 715BHP we just had
to find out what they've done to wring those extra horses out of the

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715BHP?? It's a times like this that I wish there wasn't a swear filter!! That's flippin' mental!!
It's a bit of a power hike isn't it. Word on the street says more is achievable, too. Although I reckon you'll be looking at uprated turbos for anything more.
ooooh just done a sex wee one awesome piece of car.. if i won the lotto that would be in my garage...

Sat [y]
715+ - that's insane, ditto the comments above the swear filter lol!! [:)]

I'm just thinking of the Ring about now...

That'll be an absolute monster i'm sure! I've seen a Gallardo twin turbo with over 900bhp though so there is still plenty more to come from that engine if people start playing with bigger turbos. I wonder how much the gearbox can take though [*-)]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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