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New Advertiser: DPM Performance

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Dear All,

Please join us in welcoming DPM Performance as latest advertisers to join

DPM Performance

Since February 2006, DPM Performance have aimed to be the first to
bring you the latest products and cutting edge technology in the
automotive world. This includes their custom remaps together with a wide
range of tuning and performance components and accessories. Along side
this, they have one of the biggest ranges of suspension available on the
market to suit any needs from daily driver to full on track car.

DPM Performance have a dedicated section under our site sponsors area and would welcome any enquiry.


The uk-audis team
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Thanks Tabs!

Hopefully get to speak to you all soon and for any questions or advise just pop a post up in our section and we'll be sure to answer it as soon as possible.

Thanks again,

Damian @ DPM
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