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seeing as i have no winter rims this year due to my RS4 brakes i decided to give my BBS CH's the best protection i can for the harsh months ahea, i dont drive the car much so dont worry too much about the grime that collects on the paint in winter but i thought id treat her to a good winter protection.

first of all were the rims which recieved a good wash, clay, poorboys wheel sealant and then 3 coats of colly 915 aswel as the arches were cleaned and protected. the rims took me a good day to do as i had to wait for 30 mins each coat of wax and the wash process your looking at 2 hours a wheel so 8 hours in total. i gave her a thorough clean aswel using my usual method of rinse, pressure wash, snow foam, pressure wash, snow foam again to aid in the wash and 2 25 litre buckets and gold class shampoo. once cleaned i then clayed the car. washed again after claying and then pat dried using a large microfibre towel. she was then put inside to relax and have her leather bits a good clean and the sills and doors cleaned. that was it for the day as damn its cold in these welsh mountains and the cars outside were freezing over so i thought lets get inside. i have a few pics of what i have been doing but more in PT 2 tomorro when the machine work is done. look out for PT 3 the final episode where i have all the pics of her clean as whistle.

Tried out the new "Starjna sno" snow foam as its supposed to be a red/pink snow foam but didnt get the results i wanted so opted back for valet pro snow foam(sorry no pics of the product, we are doing an A3 on the weekend so might try it again and put alot more product in the lance so might have pics in the write up)

afetr the cleaning was done she sat nice in the garage and relaxed whilst i topped up her oil and water and screenwash so she loves me again now. just a few quick ones before i locked her away, she ready tomorro for a good work on to get her shiny again. oh and managed to get the banner up at last

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