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My Hired TT Convertible

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Hired out a TT for a week or so..

It was a 2.0T FSI.

Don't know what the spec was butt....i dont think its as good as the older ones.

My Auntys Got a 2001 TT 225 (up for sale) and her's was a fair bit better in my opnion.

It was quicker, felt a lot sportier and the leather was alot better in my aunts TT compared to this one.

Her's has done 46k and this ones done 15k but the leather was really worn...

But overall, was a top car! Quick (not as quick as the A3 2.0 TDI S-Line i dont think), handled fantastically and had a great feel to it.

Also, the exhaust sounded awesomee esp. with the roof down!!!

But i can't wait till the RS-TT.... I gota get me one of themm..

Here's a quick pikkk...

My quick review !
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Also, the spoiler went up and down at 80mph...

A reason to be pulled i think (if the police knew) but then again, it could be manually controlled :D
Nice little write up Kaz. How much did it cost to rent for the week then?

Spoiler could of been faulty btw [:p]
I really like them in white. The MK2 is such a better car than the mk1. Who did you hire it through if you dont mind me asking mate?
I dont know the company who i hired it from as It was from a mate and don't know what his companys called (its a black sticker with white/red writing).

He's got a RS4, Orange s3, Lambo, 2 360's, a F430, Bently GT, Range Rover and Ramge Rover Sport and lowds of normal class cars (Got a TDI Jetta from him atm :D)

It should have been £200 a day (i think) but i got it for a lot cheaper (2 weeks and done 1000miles in it) :D

I disagree...the mk2 is a better place to be, easier to drive but the just feels like a better car! More solid feel to it and more planted!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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