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Hi tabs, all,

Is it me or is the site slowing down with less and less visitors and threads, apart from annoying ads all the time. i always check the site a few times a day but there sometimes seems hardly any movement
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Agree with ya matey....

It jumped off when it started but now, really slwoing down.

But one day i tells ya...we'll take on that uk-mkivs with our Audis :p
Advert on skyone or sponser corri - then uk-audis will be rolling :p
Or....dare i say it...the audi channel! lol
lol audi channel - I like that! Where did I put that phone number for Audi Media HQ [<:eek:)]

Yes it's getting a tad quiet over here, I must admit I've not had much time recently to promote the site as much as I intended to. I'll get onto it over the next few weeks though and try to drive some new traffic.

Of course keep posting on the forums - it's important that it remains active [Y]

Thanks for the support so far btw, really is appreciated!!
Its going to be a really good site tabs when it gets busier. Just a matter of time!

keep up the good work[Y]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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