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Milltek 'Non-Res' Catback exhaust for 2.0TDi, quick review...

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Hiya all,

It's been about 1000 miles since i had a Milltek exhaust fitted to my A3 2.0TDi and thought i'd give a quick review of how i've found it so far..

I went for the 'Non-Resonated' version of Milltek's cat back system with the 'Jet' style tailpipes, Milltek do 2 versions for the 2.0Tdi, a resonated, and non-resonated, the difference between the two systems being the deletion of the second silencer in the 'non-resonated' version,

I chose this version as Milltek themselves amongst others recommend it for the diesel cars as it gives a more petrol like sound compared to the non-res system and a happy bonus is it's £50 cheaper [Y]

Had the system fitted by the guys at and the first thing to note is the much improved look of the exhaust compared to the rusty downturned tailpipes of the standard 140PD system, really finishes the rear end of the car off imo! The other obvious difference is in the way the car now drives...

Given a few hundred miles to coke up a bit the exhaust takes on a really nice deep tone without ever being too loud or boomy and i've had the chance to hear my car being driven away and it really does sound nice! Pick up and response is definately improved with the turbo coming on boost a good bit earlier than stock and it really wants to rev low down now, all in all well recommended and a worthwile mod imo [:)]
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