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Mat black A3?

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Can't really tell where this was taken but by god I want it, is this colour / finish available in the UK or Europe??
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Not a colour available in the UK i'm afraid...well not according to the brochure or the PDF on the Audi UK website.
Ah bugger, must be special order somewhere then. I'm sure I read somewhere that custom paint is an option on some models (A5 etc.) for an additional charge?
Oh I forgot about the custom finishes..

It's £1600 to have any colour in the Audi range.

Customised paint (anything you want) is a £2400 option!
I've seen pics of that Black A3 somewhere before, doing my head in as i can't remember where, Grrrr...

Audi' exclusive' will paint any model any colour for a price... There was a barbie pink new TT roadster at Stoke Audi a while back, cancelled order, ouch!

It's very pricey though, even having Misano red on a non-sline car is a £1800 option, can't imagine what having a completely bespoke colour would cost! [:O]
Facelift S-Line + Mat Black + Black Grill = Fappage of mammoth proportions.

Where do I sign?
Just get a brilliant black one and stick it through a carwash for a year to achieve the same effect!
i cant belive the mirrors are still gloss[:(]
Back searched to the origin of that photo and found 1 more.

Hard to guess the origin but the rest of the images look to be taken at a dealer in Essen.
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Good work Sherlock, I'm not going to get much work done today either - as I shall mostly be staring at that rear quarter [:D]
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