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marts a3 tdi sport

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when i bought it nearly 2 year ago

wheel set 1

wheel set 2

lowered with koni fsd shocks and springs

current wheels

new euro ish front end

current mods ....

full miltek none-resonated exhaust

pipercross panel filter

R8 alloys

lowered koni fsd's

custom front end lol
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Looks great Mart [Y]

Really like what you've done with the front grill, great way of getting the single frame grill look without all the hassle of a front end swap [:)]

How you finding the non-res Milltek? I've got one on order from Awesome for my 2.0Tdi and curious as to how it sounds etc..
your welcome to pop round and have a go mate

i quite like it , it can be noisy ish when you want it
went to Cheshire Oaks on sat and some little scrote ripped my grille off

i got hold of some security guard who was quite helpfull
but he said where i was parked i was just out of the security cameras

the damage

whats left of the grille

so i pulled my old one back out and modded it a bit
i dont think i will be putting another one back on :cry:

why they did it i have no idea because it is bolted at the top under the bonnet and it is no use to them now it is in two pieces
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Some right little buggers around these days, why damage it when its of no use to them. Sad. [:(]

Anyway, I was about to reply saying the grill looked really good - quite stealthy! The wheels are quite different as well, have you fitted spacers as they seem to sit flush with the arches?
not fitted spacers although i would like to get 10mm ones just for a pit of poke lol

the wheels are r8's with a twist :)
Ive just put the black grille on mine. I would be gutted if i come back to my car and that had happened. Little gits
Car look very tidy Martyn and i do like them wheels.

Sorry to hear about the damage by some mindless g1t!!
Looks nicee !

And ur not too far from me !!

I'm in Worsely every now and then - we use to own a shop in the shopping centre that's green (think it starts with e).

I'll keep an eye out for ya!

Good luck with the a3!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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