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Leaning over the fence from ukmkivs

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Hey Guys n Gals,

Got my Golf teetering on the fence between the two sites and need some fotos of an Audi engine.

It's a 2003 S3/ TT with the twin intercoolers BAM/ AMK engines.

But I need it without the engine cover so I can see the intercooler pipework from the turbo to the first cooler, and then the return from the passenger cooler to the inlet.

Can anyone help? I'm fitting the twin coolers to my 1.9TDI Golf. [au]

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Just wondering what made you decide to go down this route?

There's an ETKA illustration floating about on the net of the pipework and how it's routed, i'll see if I can find it...
Hi Sem, thanks

I have all the illustrations already and I'll probably use some of the pipework from the Golf 150PD.

I have the Golf illustration and a photo which shows the pipework in its actual position.

As the Golf and Audi are differently set up I would like an S3 photo to cross reference with the illustration so I can identify exactly which pipe I need and where it goes for clearances etc. The pipework is pricey and don't really want to order the wrong bits as they are all special order i.e, non returnable.

I'm doing this purely because it's OEM and I can. Also, not many people have done it. All I need is a top shot of the engine with the cover removed.

See; ukmkivs, S3 dual intercoolers on 1.9TDi

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There isnt a great deal different to look at when you see a 225 engine with or without the engine cover really.

Here's a pic of an S3 engine in a mk1, dont know if that will help [:)]

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That does help, Andy [Y]

That grey 90' pipe passing the suspension post to the front of the car is one that I think I'll need. Just needed to see it in the flesh, as it were. Costs over £100,-.

Your pipework seems to continue further forwards than the original pipework. The next pipe in line I need drops down to the top of the first cooler.

My return from the second cooler will have to cross the front of the engine and then follow that path back to the EGR. This may be the tricky part.

In any case, I got the cross tube that connects the 2 coolers today and I'll get it bolted up on the weekend. [:D]

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