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KW Variant 3 suspension??

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After driving A4's and Mk5 GTi's with them fitted, I'm getting KW Variant 3 coilovers on my 2007 S3. Anyone out there fitted them??

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You don't do things by half! [:D]

I'd be interested to know this as well, looking at a quattro TDI Sportback and there doesn't seem to be much info about re. quattro suspension setups.
You cant go wrong with the KW's, simple as! [:D]
KW's on order. [au]

Cheers Andy!!
These are on now and are amazing!!

Handling is mega and ride height is uber-low [H]

Once again muchos gracias to the dudes at Awesome, especially Andy & Al for twisting my arm ever so gently (!!) and Paddy for fitting them...
Try this one for size -

Apologies the quality - more on the way. [:D]
Its looking superb mate, we do need to get some better ones of it up though, it doesnt do it justice.

Oh and twisting your arm!?..... I dont know what you mean! [:$]
I have stuck a few more piccies in this thread.... [:)]
Just a quick update on the KW v3 kit now I've put a few miles on them....

The ride is excellent, firmer but very compliant and all my fillings are firmly in place! The cornering of the S3 is transformed (it was good beforehand!!) especially on long sweeping bends on fast 'A' roads or the motorway. Even when it is four up and full of luggage the composure isn't spoilt either, though it is best with just the nut behind the wheel in residence and some country roads to hoon around.

I've run kits from most of the leading manufacturers over the years but these are definitely the best yet!! Mucho pleased [:D]
If the Awesome MK5 GTI Demo car is anything to go by I can fully appreciate your comments about your new setup [Y] Same with me, I've been in a few cars with coilovers over the years and the KW's are one of the best, if not THE best.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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