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Jaguar XK 4.2 V8 Coupe

Over a two day booking, the Jag was in for a Minor Paint Correction Detail with wheels-off/arches treatment, hub & caliper restoration, full interior/leather care and an engine bay detail.


• 3M Ultrafina
• 3M Glass Cleaner
• AutoSmart G101
• AutoSmart Tardis
• AutoSmart Reglaze
• AutoGlym Vinyl and Rubber Care
• AMDetails Mild Clay Bar
• Belgom Alu
• Chemical Guys JetSEAL109
• Dodo Juice Born To Be Mild shampoo
• G-Techniq C4 trim restorer
• Hammerite high-temp smooth silver
• Jeffs Werkstat Prime
• LTT Auto Ultra Foam
• LTT Auto Ultra Protect
• Meguiars Super Degreaser
• Meguiars Endurance Tyre Gel
• Menzerna 203s
• Menzerna 85RD 3.02
• RaceGlaze Black Label wax

Overall, a well cared for and maintained car.

First job on the Wednesday morning was to prep the brake assembly ready for paint and to deep clean the arches.

After the initial soaking, Megs Super Degreaser was left to dwell for 30 seconds or so before being agitated with an assortment of brushes.

AutoSmart Tardis used to help shift grime and tar deposits:

Unfortunately the wheels (although freshly refurbed) had seen better days. A bit of a temporary quick fix!

Overspray ruining the inside of the rim.

Ready for a good tidy:

N/S rear arch after:

N/S front before:

During: (Tardis doing it's thing)

And after:

Once the calipers were prepped, the arches cleaned and wheels put back on the car, my focus turned to the engine bay.

Only a light dusting…

Rinsed > Super Degreaser > agitated > rinsed > allowed to dry > later dressed.

A two bucket wash was carried out after the pre-wash/rinse etc. Elite Car Care's Merino washmit and Dodo's Born To Be Mild shampoo.

Tar removal with AS Tardis:

And some light contamination removed with AMDetails' mild clay:

Rinsed. Brought inside. Dried down using towels and the Black Baron Vehicle Dryer.

Wheels removed once again:

O/S front prepped and ready for paint.

O/S rear before:

O/S rear after:

So from this on the N/S:

To this on the O/S:

Much better.

Springs removed for paint.


Once all four corners were complete the engine-bay was then dressed.

Paintwork inspection.

Overspray on rear end:



(with overspray)

And some nasty sanding marks on the O/S front wing:

It was getting late in the day but before I packed up, a few test sections were done on the bonnet:



Overspray removed with multiple hits of 85RD 3.02:

I settled on long lengthy passes with Menz 85RD 3.02 and a blob of 3M Ultrafina. Seemed to do the trick (and refining nicely too!)

Bright and early on Day 2 I continue to work down the O/S.

Nasty! Some bad hand-sanding marks spotted in the paint:

Turns out, the majority of the O/S had been sprayed.

Sticking with Menz 3.02 and 3M UF,

More sanding marks spotted (slap bang in the centre of the door)

A paint-run off the driver's door handle:

More strange paint thickness readings - this time, worryingly thin!

O/S rear quarter complete:

My own buffertrails left after some wool-pad action to chase out some deep marks. Refined with Menz 3.02.

Roof before/after:


Bootlid 50/50:


Rear registration plate before/after:

Rear bumper-lip before/after (some nasties left behind unfortunately as we're only going on a 'minor' paint correction detail (single-pass))

Two shots whilst spinning the car round:

And a bit of a 50/50 courtesy of the sun (albeit partially behind clouds still)

More wool-pad action was seen on the roof.



But from a different angle you can see the scratches still faintly remain… (not wanting to compromise anymore paint)

Bonnet before/after:


After a dust down and a thorough IPA wipe, Raceglaze Black Label wax was applied via foam applicator pad:

Once the wax had been removed the alloys were sealed, the tyres dressed, some 'toothpickery' work and exhausts were polished.

Jaguar sticker removed from rear window:





Making the most of the remaining day light, a few pics in the evening sun.

Back inside and the interior was dealt with. LTT for leather. Mild G101 for plastics and pedals.

Leather before:


'Jaguar' plate inside the door and other exterior britework cleansed with Jeffs Prime.


G-Techniq C4 Trim Restorer used on the rear-wheel arch skirts:

Glass cleaned with 3M'S glass cleaner.

A final wipedown of the paint and we're finished.

Checking corrections levels with the Brinkmann LED torch:

Alloys and painted brakes:


Enjoyed my time on this one.. A stunning car! Total work time 22 hours.

As always, thanks.



Skoda Octavia VRs - Interior only

Thanks to 'Lincoln VW Specialist Ltd' for this one -

Short and sweet, a 4 hour interior turnaround on a 123k mile Skoda.

White upholstery... White! On a daily, pfft! Good luck.


Front seats nice and, erm, brown.

Rear seats, although much whiter, were still soiled.

Mid way through the driver's seat, here's the rinse water. "Nice!"

A 50/50 after the first wet-vac pass on the driver's seat:

Two further passes had to be made to remove the streaking completely.

Dirty water collected through the VAX:

Remaining seats were vac'd to remove soiling. Floor mats removed, scrubbed, vac'd and replaced. Carpets scrubbed, vac'd and wiped dry. Other surfaces wiped clean with mild G101 mix and a magic sponge used to shift scuffs/marks where needed.


Steering wheel before/after (120k worth or grime!)

Drivers door card before/after:

Spot the stubborn spot that I couldn't shift:


Been a while since I've done an 'interior only' - a refreshing change!


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Makes me want to get out and do abit to my own! Infact i might just do that. [Y]

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Cheers chaps - the owner posted the report on his Jag forums for me; should hopefully have a couple more to play with soon! :)
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