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It's not just it? Audi colours.....

2070 Views 8 Replies 3 Participants Last post by  kaz219 it me or are they all a bit "flat"?

I liked the look of Meteor grey until I saw it. It looks like primer unless in very bright light and then you only see a little bit of mettalic flake.

Monza silver - it's ok but a bit "none"

Phantom black. Will look good when clean but, again, there seems to be very little metallic flake and it didn't seem far from a solid black to me.

Lava seems to have the most flake from what I've seen so far.

None of the metallic paints seem very metallic to me.

Or maybe it's just me being too hard to please?
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Lava Grey & Phamton black aren't metallic - they're pearl...
Smarta**e [:p]

But I thought they had some flake in there?
you can order saddle brown for £1600. Thats about as close to flake as I can get.
[:p]...very good!

Have you decided on your new car yet?
not yet...have specced :

Pearl Paint


Acoustic rear parking

Heated front seats

Light & rain pack

Interior light pack

Side and rear manual blinds

Aluminium roof bars


Service pack

Will then order satnav...thinking about Kenwood DNX8220BT as it has bluetooth
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Ooh, nice spec Damian! Have you got the green light from the powers that be?

Need to PM you....on its way.
no, the meeting is on Wednesday so its still all up in the air ATM. The above is for a 140, if I go for a 170 then something will have to give...I guess that'd be the Bose & the light and rain pack

Apparently, The bose is just a sub and amp in the boot.

The speakers from the amplified system and the bose are the same...i believe.

I think they're by nokia but am not'll have to read up on it but on other audi forums, many people are saying bose is waste of money on the A3..

And the paint - I dno. The grey does look like primer though..
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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