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I don't get it....A3 prices!

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After much thought, (I think) I've decided not to go for a brand spanking new car as I can't justify £20k+ for a new car. Soooo, I've been looking around on the second hand market.

Even second hand, the A3's are really expensive. I know I'm not exactly comparing like-for-like but rather than a 2.0TDI S-line, I could buy a BMW 320d for less money but a newer car, a Mercedes C220 CDI (albeit the old shape) for less money and, again, a newer car!

Seems odd to me. [8-|]

Suppose I won't get a non-biased view on here but what do you guys think - A3, BMW 320d, or Mercedes C220CDI? Would be interested to hear your thoughts / views.

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Love the new BMW coupes.

BMW has always been the alpha male kinda car - They're harder and more aggressive.

The merc will be break down :)
It'll have to be the BM saloon, not the coupe. I've got a baby and it's becoming a PITA as I currently have a 3dr so 3doors is a no-no for the replacement.

My old man's got a Merc (his 2nd) and he loves them. Don't think he's had a problem with his.....actually, yes he did, once. Fair play to Mercedes though, they picked up his car and got a replacement car delivered to his door within a few hours.
I think the A3 is the better looking car but I agree they are expensive. I've never been a fan of BMW's although I do think the 3 series coupe looks good...but stick one of those and an A5 in front of me and i'd take the Audi.

Some of the used A3 prices are crazy, I look at Autotrader quite often and i'm amazed to find dealers selling used A3 S-lines with 5-10k miles for MORE than what I paid for my brand new one, the specs are not much different either.
I agree Sem - the Audi is the better looking car. Like you though, I can't understand how the dealerships can try to sell a used car for more than a new, facelifted model.

Damian, it's diesel I'm looking at really. Don't get me wrong, petrol would be nice but I think the fuel costs would scare having owned diesels for 10+ years!

That 320d Touring is nice. One thing that concerns me on such low mileage diesels is "why?". Almost 3 years old at 12k miles? 4k miles per year...why would someone buy a diesel to do that sort of mileage? Makes me question whether the mileage is genuine (not saying that particular car is dodgy, just generalising!).

The one I've seen is an '07 and slightly less money but it's a saloon.

I'm amazed at the reliability image of the Merc. I never realised that the C class had such a poor reputation. Dad's has been pretty good, hence the reason I looked at it as an option.
i think its a "mercedes" thing as opposed to a C-class thing - poor build quality, nightmare dealers etc. We still have the same thing with my in-laws " family employer " ( you know the one )...we took his SL to Mercedes World to book it in for a service..only to be told we had to phone a central number to book it in at the place where we already were standing - bonkers !!

With regards to the low mileage for diesels, I have done exactly this. The BMW did 14000 miles in 4 and a half years but would only do about 220-240 miles per tank. It would cost about £55 to fill up so that about £750 pa for 3000 miles

The A4 has only done 1700 miles in nearly 7 months but it gets 500 miles to the tank ( could get 700+ but it only does short journies ). I've put £160 of diesel in so far so that should be £275 per year in diesel - a saving of £475pa. Then there RFL - the Audi is £80 cheaper IIRC and insurance - group 12 instead of group 15 so that was another £80+ pa

So, I reckon the Audi will be over £630 cheaper per year to run than the BMW was and am well happy with that !
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[quote user="damianmkv"]We still have the same thing with my in-laws " family employer " ( you
know the one )...[/quote]

As if I could forget that! [:D]

LOL....I can't believe that you've only put £160 of fuel in the A4 since owning it! Mind you, since you've said that, I can see the lure of diesel for even lower mileage drivers. The difference in the price of a petrol car and diesel car isn't that great and with diesels having stronger residuals........

Damian, did your BM have run-flats? I can't quite get my head around the possibility of not having a spare wheel!
No, it was too old for run-flats. Before we got the A4, we looked at a 325i sport which was on run-flats...the ride was bloody awful - rock hard - I wouldn't recommend them [N]
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