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I know there have been a few threads on this topic but I have just had to take my headlights out (don't ask) and the information I got on this site was invaluable but missed a couple of points which may make things easier.

You may like to jack the front up and remove the wheels, not essential but does make things easier (I didn't but would in future)

To remove the bumper, remove the three obvious torx screws on the to of the grill. Remove the torx screws underneath the bumper that fasten it to the underside tray, there are 7 but 5 are obvious and 2 need a little searching for, they are behind the second on in from either side, in the tray on a tab from the bumper. Remove the three torx screwx from the wheel arch lining at the front and peel back the lining. Inside, where the bumper fits the wings are two more torx screwx, one easy to get at and one not easy at all. Once removed, you need to remove the 10mm silver bolt under the wheel arch, right underneath the indicator, you can see it from the inside of the wheel arch. Once all these are out then the bumper needs to be released from the wing with a gentle pull down and out from each side and it can then slide forward where you can rest it on the floor.

Each headlight has three torx screws that need to be located, the first is on top and is obvious, the second is reasonable vissible on the lower inside edge which needs to be removed and the third is very well hidden. On the extreme outside of the headlight, near the indicator you will see a small gap, you need to get a long torx driver down there to just loosen the torx screw below the indicator, you can see it fron inside the arch or fron underneath. Once loosened the whole lot can be removed and the same needs to be done for the other side.

Replacement is simply a reversal of the above procedure.

So, why did I need to do all this? Well, on replacing one bulb on the off side dipped beam I didn't get it seated properly, tried a little too much force and poppesd the reflector off the adjuster for headlimp alignment. Easily sorted withthe headlight out but totally invissible with it still in the car.

Hopefully this may be of some use to people.
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