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HI there

Glad to find a decent audi forum,

I'm steady i am part of peak vag club and this is my motor, there is more about it and pictures in the A3 section under My A3 TDI

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Hi and welcome steady [Y]

nice looking A3 - what colour is it?
Thinks its Dolfin Grey but not sure
Welcome to uk-audis [:)] Great looking A3, sounds like you've got a lot in store for her!
Cheers Tabs, yeah hopefully pal there is always something to be done lol
Welcome to the forum [au]


ps I WANT AN AUDI!!! [:'(]
Cheers guys any of you going to psi on sunday [:D]
Yep a few of us will be there on the uk-mkivs stand - are you going with Peak VAG Club?
Yeah there should be a good turn out of us hopefully looking forward to it but a bet it pisses it down lol
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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